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Unlimited online file storage for whatever you need and fully integrated into our Global CDN using multiple geographically diverse cloud systems. This translates to you having built in a redundancy and disaster recovery solution. Our Cloud is highly available, high performance, and load balanced, meaning your content is served as fast as possible every time. Best of all, there are no starting costs. Pay only for what you use. Fully integrated into our CDN, starting at prices as low as $.09/GB for storage.
Cloud Storage Solutions Your Way

Fully Integrated CDN to Deliver Your Content Faster

We stream millions of videos, daily, all over the planet, for some of the largest sites on the internet. For us to better facilitate the volume of our delivery, we have
worked tirelessly to deploy a fully redundant Cloud to CDN system that gives our partners direct free origin traffic and unlimited scalability. Take advantage of our
integrated solutions to reduce your delivery, origin, and storage costs, while increasing the availability of your content.

User Uploads To Cloud
You upload your files to your cloud space
People Request your files and they are cached on the CDN servers
A file is requested from an end user and is then cached into the CDN
CDN Cache now serves your files locally
The CDN cache is now serving your files locally to all new requests!

  • Speed - our global CDN footprint delivers your content around the world giving the end user the absolute best possible experience.
  • Scalable - with literally thousands of servers dedicated to video delivery using our CDN and origin solutions you are ready to handle the any burst of traffic.
  • Flexible - we have many options for delivery, fail over, and origin to best suit your business needs.
  • Compatible - we support the latest streaming methods from http to rtmp.
  • Experience - our staff has years of experience administrating complex load balancing systems.

Talk to us today about creating a custom solution for you.

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Store Globally and Serve it Locally

Use as much or as little space as you want without ever worrying about running out and only pay for what you use. It's as easy as signing up, picking your favorite
FTP client, and then uploading your files, or if you need a little help let us know and we can move over the needed files for you, "Whatever It Takes" we will get you
up and working A.S.A.P.

Data Center and Volume Based Pricing
up to 10 TB
10 to 99 TB
99+ TB
1 Data Center Cloud Storage
2 Data Center Cloud Storage
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Disaster Recovery

With a dual data center system utilizing redundant load balancers, we are built for redundancy and disaster recovery. Our cloud storage can be spread between
the US and Amsterdam, or both, or you can select a single origin, it's your choice put your files where you need them.

This is an excellent way to handle your backup and archiving needs by putting your files closer to the people that need and or are using them. We are trusted
with thousands of terabytes of critical data from individuals to multinational corporations. Let us help prepare a plan to meet your needs today.

  • Redundant load balancers
  • Multi Continent Origin Clusters
  • Isilon™ Back End Storage
  • Built in failover redundancy.
  • Build your Disaster Preparedness plan with us today!
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Our Technology

We've implemented a new cloud storage infrastructure out of both of our Chicago and Amsterdam data centers based on a combination of Isilon™ and our own
proprietary technologies. Unlike simple NAS namespace aggregation products, our solution is truly distributed and intelligently stripes data across all nodes in a
cluster to create a single, shared pool of storage. The result is a highly available, highly redundant, and infinitely scalable (both I/O and capacity wise) enterprise
class storage solution. Based on Isilon™ technology and architecture and integrated into our proprietary software we use fully redundant load balancers that
connect directly to our Isilon systems.

  • Redundant load balancers
  • Origin Clusters
  • Isilon Back End Storage
  • Directly integrated into our cloud.
  • Multiple locations with global failover redundancy.
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